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by The Hiya Dunes

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Written and recorded in Purchase, NY & Watertown, CT from 2012 to 2014.

The Hiya Dunes are Alex Goosmann, Eddie Golden III, Jeff Hoyt, Sean Henry Posila, and Colin Manjoney.

"Plastic Jesus" written by Ed Rush & George Cromarty.
"Queen Bee" written by Kenny Hamilton.

Artwork by Eddie Golden III - photo of the Dunes at SUNY Purchase College, NY.


released August 28, 2014




The Hiya Dunes New York, New York

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Track Name: Pissin' in the Wind
lying down with a dream i had
wondering, will i live life 'til the end
tripping, i can't break my fall
this is just the way that i choose to walk

people are sour, grow cold every hour
people are mean, so mean

pissin' in the wind, no more hardship

i would dream if i had the time
heavy heart is gonna stop me tonight
lonesome, i'm in an empty bed
i just need a place that i can rest my head
Track Name: Too Good To Be True
calm me down
calm me down i wanna dream again
dream about you
i'm so down when i wake up at noon

and i know things will never change
i'll be seeing you again

too good too be true
against my will

calm me down
calm me down i wanna wake the dead
to tell them the news
i'm so down, baby what can i do
Track Name: Townie
calling me a townie, looking through your window
packed on gut and your truck stop hairdo
what i'm looking for is way far out
not another soul who bleeds the sea
no local haunts worth memories
what i'm looking for is way far down goodbye

that hometown moan "go far away"
so far away
i wanna find another woman again
i wanna find a girl who bleeds the sea like me

rain again on sunday, work until the bitter end
of a seven dollar bottle from the basement
what i'm looking for is way far out
living for an easy life, looking for my nunkies
looking for my friends, but my friends i don't even know where
way far down goodbye
Track Name: Booby Traps
my eyes look for the sun again
but my mind was lost in the snow
why have you forgotten me
in your world are you alone

will i see, will i know
the one who calls me ed
i wish i never left my home

my god, what can you do for me
my mind won't leave me alone
i'll always remember you
and your smile, a window of sun

abysmal falling in a booby trap, and it was set by a lady
watch me falling, watch me falling have you got it now
no i ain't got it yet
Track Name: Plastic Jesus
i don't care if it rains or freezes
long as i've got my plastic jesus
sitting on the dashboard of my car
comes in colors, pink and pleasant
glows in the dark cause it's iridescent
take it with you when you travel far

get yourself a sweet madonna
dressed in trans-tone
sitting on a pedestal
of abalone shell
going ninety i ain't scary
cause i got the virgin mary
assuring me that i won't go to hell
Track Name: American Dream Boys
every time you see me i'm gone
i'm holding back these feelings, living out the dream
will you see my face again
no no no
every day i dream of the west
i'm waiting for a reason, a reason to be free
will i see this place again
no no no

well i'm drunk again
and my right brain wants to kill my left
well i'm gone again
but the angels won't let me in

every time you call out my name
i'm standing right before you, watching over me
will you see my face again
no no no
everybody here is a dick
i think about it often, this porch is getting old
will i show my face again
no no no
Track Name: Queen Bee
you, you wanted to find the loving kind
you were distracted from your fate
and you said no way
you've gotta be insane these days to find the perfect mate

drank all my red wine talking about the time
when you were young
and you touched a boy who wouldn't touch you back
and nothing's changed
yeah i still won't even eat my green beans
and daydream
about fucking you right between the knees

but now i'm a week too late and you're deranged
oh no
Track Name: The Stuff
what i got is never enough
how can i have all of this stuff
and be sad and lose all my friends
i wish i understood that love never ends

well the ghost stands on my neck
waiting 'til i go to bed
i get what i deserve

i'd die twice
to have you again
but i only died once
so let me be dead
how can it be
i lose my best friend

i wish i understood that love never ends
Track Name: Goodbye Friends
how i miss playing shows
got my friends in my headphones