High Tide

by The Hiya Dunes

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released April 24, 2012

eddie golden iii - guitar/vox/organ
alex goosmann - bass/vox
jeff hoyt - guitar
sean posila - drums

all songs written by the hiya dunes
banjo on tracks 6, 7, & 8 by dan drake
mixed / mastered by eddie golden iii
made possible by SEAGREEN RECORDS





The Hiya Dunes New York, New York

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Track Name: Storms & Pipes
let your hair down
anchor me on devil's beach
lately i'm in between
storms and the seven seas
blind lust for her
i can see that we're meant to be
and maybe i'll have it all
but this could be the end for me
tear my sails down

now look inside my soul
now look, i just won't go
now look inside my head
now look, i just won't go

let your hair down
i can't live
took my love and sunk my ship
and lately it's all wrong,
i've known your storms for far too long
blind lust for her
anchor me back in the sea
i can't believe i'm finally
back where i was meant to be
tear my sails down

all the girls around the world
are witches in my mind
take this melody and hide behind
put me down with davy jones,
a place to rest my bones
this is for the end
of storms & pipes
Track Name: Definitely
everybody's got my back
but nobody's on my side
i need a girl like you
to be part of your little life
to smile and hold you
ain't nobody on my side,
but they've all got my back
i need a girl, i need a woman
i need a girl like you
Track Name: Black Fur
i didn't want a cat
but i wanted a dog
i didn't need the world
but i wanted it all
he was a feline
and i was feelin' fine
he was a fisher cat
i wanted none of that
he was an endless friend
but i wanted him gone

oh, clawing into my skin
i love you black fur.
don't come crawling again

"black fur," i said one day
"you'll come back from the grave.
i wanna see you,
i wanna feel you -
but you're a skeleton
so i won't feel you."
you were an endless friend
but i wanted you gone
Track Name: Jack Nicholson
99 bottles of beer in my guts
but i'd never lay a hand on her
well, maybe just a little just once
cause you're my little girl
come a bit closer dear
so i can look behind yr eyes
so you can see me smile

& now the whiskey keeps pouring away
i ain't to blame for what i say

the oil under my fingernails
is ugly like the blood on my teeth
but i wouldn't hurt a fly
if i do make you scream and wail
it's not because i want to hurt you
it's because i'm alive

frozen solid in the southwest sun
you've got me thinking 'bout grandpa's gun

i'm gonna make you mine
i'm gonna take your life
i'm never gonna let go
i'm gonna take yr soul
Track Name: White Wine
la la la la la la la laaaa
Track Name: Your Swell
out in the water you're my only friend
hopin' to catch another wave again
things lookin' up, but my heart fell down
i'm only drowning when i'm on the ground

and i'll never,
never let it go.

you say you're doing swell
but i still love you
i say i have my swell
but you still love me

who's to say that i'm bottled up?
it's high tide and i'm belly up
the day's done and the night's at end
hoping to catch that same wave again
Track Name: Captain's Daughter
oh captain's daughter,
buried in the ocean now
married to the water,
i went out to sea
to see what i can find
but i'm just wasting time
'cause the daughter of the captain is

in my arms, i hold
hold her ghost, keep her close
to my heart, in my eyes
she is mine, she is mine

remember the ship,
remember your daughter
who told me i'm the king
look for the girl,
search for the hour,
know what i mean
Track Name: Southern Gentleman
you were here all along
but my mind screams out this song
take the train
open that wine my friend
sing us a song my friend
come back home
in your eyes
lies a ghost
and a friend
we love most
southern skies
here's a toast,
to a friend we love most
i was lost and alone
by the time that you were gone
take the train
to the sea

come back home riley, i know you will.
Track Name: Wellfleet
cape cod storms
will not follow,
follow me down
in the stars
and the shallow
of the sea
a place for me

if i die, bury me in

black is the color of the sea
i'll be wading on a summer day
something is happening to me,
wouldn't have it any other way

if i die, bury me in